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'respected and nurtured for uniqueness'

Romans 12:6

Woof, Woof!

My name is Bailey and I come into school to learn alongside the children and also to help them feel safe and secure.  I love it here as there are lots of cuddles and the children are really kind.  I also have an important job helping to clean up after lunch and working at Forest School, where I protect the children from bears, trolls and Gruffalos.   

I live with Mrs Williams and her (and my) family although I really belong to Mrs Williams’ son Monty.  

I am a five year old Cocker Spaniel who loves water sports – although Mrs Williams sometimes gets very cross and uses funny language when I don’t sit still on her paddle board.  I also kayak, swim, run (with Mr Williams) and go for long walks in the countryside with Mrs Williams and my little sister Mouse (she’s not a real mouse – just a small Spaniel).  Oh yes, I also love cheese, chicken and socks.  If someone clever could please invent a cheese smelling, chicken tasting sock, I would be SO happy!

This is my special page where you can read about what I get up to in school. I love having my photo taken with the children, there will be lots for you to look at too.

Lots of love,


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